Match Prints

Many times, We think matching prints it won't look very nice, so by default, We prefer to wear simple plain colors, instead complicate our life.

Well We are here to teach you how it could be a great way to do it, just wearing simple basics or plain color clothes there is in your wardrobe, also accessories and shoes.

There is 2 option we would like to show you, 

1.-Print + print:

This option is for the bravest and it looks so stylish, whenever you want to match bottoms and tops with prints, please wear exactly the same print, or wear the pattern with different colors. 

For example on this picture the lady is wearing, exatly same print, she is wearing a wrap blouse short sleeves with a long belt skirt on the bottom, added to the shoes, shinny gold platforms that match perfectly to the whole look and give a balance on the whole look, to don't make it seems as a lot but perfect.

2.- Print + plain color:

This option is very common and it could be very attractive, just be very careful about the complements on tops or bottoms you will add to the whole look, avoid little prints anywhere.

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